Inner Motivation Of


Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but living to work is for no one.  I spent the first 14 years of my career working as an engineer in the corporate world.  I was so hyper-productive it felt like I was almost on autopilot.  I knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it better than anyone I’ve ever met.  


So when I followed my calling to leave my comfortable, six-figure income as a full-time entrepreneur, I was unprepared for all the overwhelm I started to experience.  


I  knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I was hustling harder than I ever did working for the man.  


-That’s what the entrepreneur guru’s online told me I needed to do to be successful!

I had to hustle, 80 wasn’t enough!

I started meeting other entrepreneurs. They all seemed so overwhelmed – they were hustling non-stop without any end in sight. Most seemed stressed out and about as far from freedom as an office errand boy. I saw myself going down the same path quickly.

As an engineer, my job was to identify waste and improve my employer’s numbers. In my new world, I started seeing the same waste and nonsense with entrepreneurs as I used to see in Corporate America. I refused to sign-up for the 80-hour workweek of non-stop hustling I saw so rampant in entrepreneurship. It didn’t have to be like this, did it?

During my 14 years as a high-achieving engineer in the corporate world, I worked in manufacturing, operations and Supply Chain where I led countless teams as a capital project manager, responsible for multi-million dollar projects. I earned my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Union College and MBA from the University of Florida and have Lean/Six Sigma and Project Management Professional certifications. I leverage my leaderships and technical background to provide a one-of-a-kind coaching experience for clients. I’m best known as the atypical-engineer host of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show podcast, and all things “snappy” for that matter.

I didn’t appreciate the value of my training as an engineer until I applied it to my experience as an entrepreneur. As I met other entrepreneurs I began seeing patterns and I realized I had the unique ability to help them work effectively. Productivity had given me the freedom I needed to find fulfillment in corporate, and I was hell-bent on it doing the same for me as an entrepreneur, in less than 40-hours per week. I quickly learned how to translate my productivity talents into freedom. Today, my mission to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs eliminate overwhelm and increase profitability.

I’m different from most business coaches because I use my technical background to in my strategy for overwhelmed entrepreneurs. Factories have bottlenecks: systems and processes that slow them down, and entrepreneurs are no different. Removing bottlenecks saves you time, eliminates overwhelm and increases profitability. I’m obsessed with helping you, the overwhelmed entrepreneur, uncover your “game changer,” the one activity that will deliver the greatest return on your invested time both at work and at home.